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Reiki energy healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive, holistic, hands-on energy healing technique. Touch as a form of healing and to sooth pain is as old as instinct. When a child falls, a mother will kiss the boo-boo to relieve the pain. When an animal gets a scrape, its first instinct is to lick the area in pain. Touch conveys warmth, love, & healing. These seemingly simple acts are the basis for touch-based healing techniques.

Reiki is a Japanese word that when translated means "Universal Life Force Energy". The living body, whether human or animal, radiates warmth & energy. This energy is life force itself and has held many names throughout human civilizations. In Japan, this energy is termed "ki" and is the word from which Reiki is named. "Rei" can be translated to "Higher Power". An alternative translation of Reiki is "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy".

This is the energy that is tapped into by the practitioner for the healing. It is important to note that the energy is not transferred from the practitioner to the patient. Rather, it is channeled through the practitioner to conduct the healing via a hands-on approach or distance healing. Reiki is ultimately an intelligent energy that works through the patient's energetic field penetrating all layers of the human condition — physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

We are all energy. Not only do we radiate our own energy, but we are attuned to the energies around us. We are instinctually aware of the sensation of someone approaching us from behind or the tension upon entering a room where an argument just took place. When assessing disease and illness that is manifesting in the physical body, it is usually rooted in blockages or stagnancy of life force energy. Whether we are experiencing stress, grief, or illness, we have a tendency to hold on to this energy in our physical body. After a stressful day at the office a stiff neck and shoulders are common, or when in a state of grieving hips will often feel locked. In order to let go of these stored energies and related physical manifestations, we can use Reiki to remove blockages and allow life force energy to flow properly again.

Clearing one's channel is also important practice during a time of transition and transformation. As we begin to shift, it is common for negative thought patterns to arise or old programming and stories from childhood to take root. Reiki is extremely beneficial to clear mental and emotional blockages, allowing free-flowing life force energy to aid ascension in any aspect of one's life.

Like many modalities, Reiki is practiced in varying techniques. I am a certified practitioner in a unique blend of Reiki Usuo (traditional reiki) and Reiki Tummo (reiki activated with kundalini energy). This is a beautiful blended technique originating from Japan and Indonesia, respectively. Whether you are looking for healing of the physical body or spiritual advancement, this blended technique is a complete healing system.

Reiki Session

Reiki is the energy of the universe and is not tied to any particular belief system. To experience Reiki, all that is required of you is to be open to receiving. A Reiki session with me is completely individualized. We are all on our own journey of evolving. As such, my Reiki sessions are customized to meet you where you are.

Each session is about 75 minutes and includes:

* Aura + energy cleansing to prepare you to receive the energy

* Chakra reading + body scan to assess energy blockages

* Full body, hands-on Reiki healing

* Sound healing to activate + open the chakras

* Aromatherapy utilizing essential oils to uplift + rejuvenate your senses

* Crystal healing to amplify vibrational healing experience

* Guided meditation to relax the mind + enhance healing from cellular to soul level

* Very special follow-up customized to our session together & your specific needs going forward


Reiki Session (75 min): $100
Distance Reiki Session (30 min): $55
Distance Reiki Session (45 min): $77

Packages + Gift Certificates available.


I currently conduct appointments out of my sunny & plant-filled home in Santa Monica, California. I am located 11 blocks from the beach. If you would prefer a session in your own sacred space, I am available to travel upon request.

I look forward to supporting you!

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